Working with Soulstice was an awesome experience to say the least at the Stilldream Festival this year. Cooper and his team breathed confidence in what they were doing and I felt 100% comfortable with them at the helm running our longest running stage (3 Days!). Their professionalism and dedication to quality allowed me to focus on many other aspects of our event knowing they had it handled. Soulstice is a great addition to any show and I look forward to having them to another event of ours in the future.

To sum it up, Excellent Professionalism on and off stage and their sound is impeccable.
— Paul Plescov - Stilldream Events

"The Polish Ambassador" - David Sugalski Oct 2014

Cooper and the Crew over at Soulstice Sound are by far some of the most amazing folks I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the industry. I’ve worked with them in an array of situations of stage production and management, to playing on their sound system at multiple music festivals, live concerts, and deejay shows. These guys go above and beyond to make sure you get the best sound experience possible. The staff is friendly, easy to get along with, and very knowledgable of their equipment. The sound reproduction is ALWAYS of the highest quality. It adds so much to the occasion to have such an amazing experience of full spectrum sound enriching the environment. I can not express how much I highly, highly, recommend Soulstice Sound for your next festival, club install, DJ tour, private event or any application where you desire the purest, cleanest sound available.

Soulstice Sound is the real deal!
— "Cut La Whut" - Brian James, Dj and Promoter
I’ve had the pleasure to perform through the brilliant and professionalism of Soulstice Sound several times in the past 3 or so years. I always get so excited when I hear I am playing on the stage where sound is provided By Soulstice Sound! Always proper stage management, courtesy, and always precise sound quality and engineering. Honestly by far my favorite crew to rock a party with!
— Dj Professor Stone
Whether Behind the decks or in the crowd Soulstice Sound has proven to be a top notch superior sound rig. I’ve heard it in the club and outdoors and every time they deliver a captivating sound experience.
— Mr. Wu - Portland, OR
Soulstice Sound is hands down one of the best systems I’ve had the privilege to perform on. Soulstice consistently creates an environment where I can hear my music exactly the way I intended it to sound when I was in my studio. Being able to hear music this accurately has been an integral part of creating some of the the most exciting and imaginative live sets of my career
— Sugarpill
Soulstice Sound is hands down some of the best sound you will ever hear, and I am privileged to have performed on it. When it’s good, it’s beyond good. It’s amazing. I’ve heard it bring out sounds I’ve never heard before in tunes I’ve listened to on several other systems or at home. No event should suffer with bad sound. You NEED Soulstice Sound. Period.
— Punktematrix - Reno, NV
We’ve had the pleasure of working with Soulstice Sound multiple times for events. At every event we have many people make a point to share that the sound quality of the event was a highlight for them, and in fact many people say that it is the most impressive and high quality music experience they’ve ever had. They literally ask how it could sound so perfect, balanced and clear and deliver such a full range of frequencies. After working with Coop and his team you quickly realize that this is due to the passion and dedication they have for creating optimal sound crafted for each and every event they do. Not to mention they they are wonderful to work with. When we tell DJ’s and performers that they will be playing on the Soulstice soundsystem they either smile because they already know what this means or they come to us afterwards with the same starry eyes as attendees and just say, “Thank You!!”
— Jeff Stein - Nomadic Events
In the last 4 years we have played on sound systems all over the world. Often times, promoters producers and fans ask us what our favorite system to play on is... The answer is Meyer Sound. When playing in the Reno/Tahoe area we have been blessed by Soulstice Sound’s/Coops Meyer rig. There is no better balance of power and cleanliness available. Its really hard to find a system with such crisp highs and powerful (and clean) bass. I’ll never forget the time that Mimosa Opiuo Eoto MartyParty and Love and Light brought down the ceiling of a local club in Reno. WOW! Not only does the system speak for itself, the guy in charge is on point. Using an Ipad out in the crowd throughout the show to make minute (crucial) adjustments is amazing and really nice to rely on. If we were to ever tour with a rig there is no doubt that it would be a Meyer Rig. Thank you Soulstice Sound for making every trip to your neck of the woods extra special. Its awesome looking forward to hearing our music on your rig!
— Matt Madonna of Love & Light
I have had the honor of watching Soulstice Sound grow from it’s very beginnings. The knowledge and sense of pride gained through the journey from then to now is immeasurable. Coop and the rest of the Soulstice crew possess a work ethic and understanding of the sound gear they stand behind that is unmatched. I have experienced first hand the reactions of a wide variety of electronic musics top artists and performers the first time they played music on the system and the reaction is always sheer delight.

Truly genuine ethics and admirable knowledge makes me a lifer. This crew is my family and I totally support Soulstice and am proud to be associated.
— Ryan 'RV' Van Duyn - Venue owner, promoter, and Dj
BEST SOUND IN THE WEST!!! always a pleasure to be on this system!!! Coop Da Loop is THE MAN.
— Andrew Posada of Subtropixx and the BassHeavy Crew
So much effort goes into each show to make the experience one that fans will remember for a lifetime. With Soulstice Sound behind the board, I know the sound will flawless. Cooper and his team dial in the system to fit artist’s music and the room it’s being performed. From small club venues to large outdoor stages, their unique attention to detail insures a consistent and magical experience for everyone in attendance. They’re also one of the most professional and fun groups to work with. Every show with Solstice Sound on board is a homecoming to family.
— Daysha Taylor - Agent
The knowledge and expertise of the crew make this one of the best sounding systems on the west coast.
— Ryan Anderson - Love & Light
Soulstice Sound is thee BEST sound setup for club shows or outdoor festivals. I love the crisp, clear, bangin sound where I don’t need earplugs and I can still actually talk to my dance partners without shouting.

I’m always psyched to discover Soulstice is doing sound when I travel to Lower 48 shows. Simply & clearly one of the highest quality sound providers out there.
Dig it.
— Scott Anaya Anchorage, Alaska