Dance Music (EDM) demands the Highest Fidelity

 Heavy bass electronic dance music demands more re-enforcement than typical live music, and we have it dialed for just that.  With a one to one ratio of mains to subwoofers, we can meet the demands of today's electronic music producers and Dj's with headroom to spare.  The 'Soulstice Soundsystem' is  arguably the best sound system in the Reno / Tahoe area for dance music events and festivals, and we've been told it's one of the best in the west coast. 

Soulstice Soundsystem and Dj's at The Bounce Festival in Twain, California.  Featuring Meyer Sound's JM-1P mains and new 1100-LFC's for low frequency control, with Galileo processing. Video by Tilghman Wendel