Weddings are a special kind of entertainment.  They provide the full circle of emotion for all parties involved and in attendance.  As we all know, it's a very special day, planned well in advance, with the bride and groom making every effort to make sure their day is captured forever in the hearts and minds of everyone attending.

     The traditional standards for wedding entertainment are often chosen from these categories:

Live Music

An instrument soloist or duet is often be chosen to play before and/or after the ceremony and reception, or perhaps a wedding band or a live band, or any combination thereof.  These artists are often a local favorite and/or are friends with the wedding party.  Sometimes the wedding party will be really into music and will want a special, more popular act when they can afford the luxury.


Dj's for weddings are the most common format of wedding entertainment.  There are two common forms of wedding Dj's: traditional wedding Dj's and party Dj's. 

Traditional wedding Dj's are specialized for the typical wedding reception.  We've all been to weddings with these Dj's.  They provide all the gear and some lighting, are good on the mic, know the format of the evening, and will guide the guests and wedding party through the motions of the evening, making dinner announcements, coordinating speeches, the first dance, and on through the dance party at the end.  They have and will play all the pop hits, oldies, and pretty much anything anyone wants, often with a list of songs provided to them in advance by the wedding party.

Party Dj's are just that, in that they can rock the party.  These are also often local favorites and/or friends of someone in the wedding party, and can sometimes be a music producer Dj from their favorite genre or scene paid to come in from out of town and rock the reception.  These Dj's often need someone from the wedding party or hired by the wedding planner to the guide the guests and wedding party through the evening.  If they're local, they will usually be able to help with the sound system needed, and if they come from out of town, they will need the planner or wedding party to provide sound, lights and Dj gear for them.

Soulstice Sound's dj / owner, Coop Da Loop,  can provide either / or, as well as both of these services smooshed together depending on your needs.


Entertainers for weddings can be comedians, magicians, dancers, fire spinners, stilt walkers, acrobats, silk aerialists, Elvis or other impersonators, theater production, celebrities, you name it, that are brought into the reception for pure entertainment value.  These are less common and are considered more of a luxury when added to wedding reception entertainment.

Planning Your Wedding Entertainment

It takes a lot of advance planning and communication for every wedding.  Every wedding's entertainment plan is different and has different needs.  They often times require very thoughtful analysis and may even require research, travel, and other resources long before the actual date of the wedding. This should all be considered when creating your wedding entertainment plan and wedding budget.

If you're reading this, you've probably already put some thought into what type of wedding you want.  Considering what we have said so far:

What type of entertainment do you like?  Are you into live music and/or Dj's and dancing; therefore your guests will want emphasis on this? Or do you prefer an emphasis on the subtleties of the beauty of the moment and conversation and would prefer a violinist or background instrument?

Are you adventurous and want to step outside the traditional wedding box for something you'd consider more memorable?  Or do you want a dj because you've already planned everything else and/or feel your guests will be expecting it?

Have you wanted to surprise your guests with a performance of your own, but need music and choreography?  Or have you thought about throwing in some sort of flash-mob moment and want help and ideas?

Do you want to throw your guests a one-of-a-kind reception party they'll never forget and have a reasonable budget to do so?  Have you thought about this but are aren't willing to put forth extra the effort?

These are just some of the questions to think about when planning your wedding entertainment. 

Soulstice Sound Wedding Entertainment

We offer wedding entertainment planning & production services  for the Reno / Tahoe Region, which includes the dj and/or band, a high-fidelity sound system,  LED and party lighting, and associated planning. 

We also provide wedding entertainment for destination weddings anywhere in Nevada, California, the west coast, nationwide and worldwide. Diverse and creative, we can create your wedding entertainment plan and provide any combination of the above-mentioned entertainment, as well as anything you dream up.

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