Coop Da Loop

James Cooper aka "Cooper",  Owner/ President of Soulstice Sound

Project Manager, Tour Manager, Stage Manager, Sound Designer, Dj
(Soulstice Sound, Fresh Bakin', Surlycamp, Reno, NV)

It is hard to put Coop Da Loop into one musical genre. He has a Diverse music style, omni-tempo, with sets often including: • Reggae, ragga, dub • Downtempo, chill, lounge, vocal • World, Latin, Balkan, Gypsy • Smart Hip-hop, Modern remixes • Dance, Breakbeat, House, Swing,Baltimore, and more • No Pop, Top 40, or otherwise mainstream, as his goals are to excite people about new music.

Over time, Coop Da Loop has teamed up with local event producers Champagne and Bacon, (Later Fresh Bakin') and created a weekly event at a small bar, Red Rock,  in downtown Reno. The weekly event became popular and allowed a weekly meeting place for fans of the Reno music scene to network and plan future events in the area.

Keep an eye on Coop Da Loop in the Reno music scene, the west coast, Burning Man, and beyond. If you play your cards right you just might run into Coop Da Loop spinning a live set on the 'Surly Bird,' a notorious double decker red mutant vehicle on the playa, and regular renegade sets at High Sierra Music Festival.

Coop's alliance with regional event producers Fresh Bakin', Mindful Massive, Bass Heavy, Future Strange,  Rambo Party Productions, and others allows him to get the exposure he needs to continue to expand on two of his life's passions, DJ'ing and sound. Coop Da Loop has toured and/or played with headliners and festivals including:

• The Bounce Festival• Symbiosis• Bass Mountain• Stilldream• High Sierra Music Festival (renegade sets every year)• Intergalactic Ball• Beats Antique •The Mutaytor • March Fourth Marching Band • Random Rab • Bassnectar • David Starfire • J Boogie • Vibesquad • Freq Nasty • Krafty Kuts • Ana Sia • Kraddy • Elliot Lipp • El Papa Chango • Auditory Canvas • Mimosa • Bass Science • Dj Laura • Deekline • Izabella •Dave Nada, Sabo,  And many more...