The “Soulstice Soundsystem”

Price Range Starts at $700~4x UPQ-2P Ultra Series Mains 4x 700hp Ultra High Power Subs


• Dj Monitor pack $100 • Center fill pack $100 • Floor Wedge pack $100

Technical Specifications: • Main Loudspeakers o 4x Meyer Sound UPQ-2P Ultra Series Narrow Coverage Loudspeaker • 2500w peak output power, Exceptional size to power ratio • Narrow pattern affords precise coverage and arrayability • Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy and precise imaging • Integral pole mount and quick and easy QuickFly mounting options • Consistent and predictable performance ensures accurate system design • Live Sound Design’s 2009 Loudspeaker of the year • Main Subwoofers o 4x Meyer Sound 700-HP Ultra High-Power Subwoofers • 2250w Peak output power which yields excellent transient reproduction • 28-150hz operating frequency range provides maximum headroom at the low end of the frequency spectrum • Extremely low distortion for ultimate low-frequency clarity • Monitors (dj monitors, Micro system, Center Fill, Delay Fill) o 3x Meyer Sound UpJunior Ultracompact Vario Loudspeaker • 300w output power, Exceptional fidelity and power-to-size ratio • Rotatable VariO horn provides versatile coverage options, horizontally or vertically • Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy and precise imaging o 1x Meyer Sound 500-HP High Power Compact subwoofer • 1800w peak output power, Exceptional power-to-size ratio • 35 Hz to 140 Hz and a peak SPL of 135 dB at 1 meter • Efficient low-distortion, high-power, high-excursion cone drivers • Integral pole-mount receptacle easily pairs the subwoofer with UltraSeries loudspeakers • Processing o 2x Meyer Sound Galileo 408 Processors

• Four inputs - analog, AES/EBU or a mixture - and 8 analog outputs with full matrix mixing and routing • Robust outputs easily drive Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeaker systems over long cable runs • Monolithic, 1 GHz vector DSP architecture • A/D/A conversion with 24-bit resolution at 96 kHz; digital inputs converted to 96 kHz sampling rate • All internal processing performed at 96 kHz, 32-bit floating point TruShaping EQ and Composite EQ filtering that yields the desired corrections with the least impact on phase response

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Small “September”

Price Range starts at $2502x UPQ Mains (on pole stands) 1x 500HP Sub Options: • Upgrade sub $75 • Additional Upq-1p $50 • Dj Monitor pack $100 • Center fill pack $100 • Floor Wedge pack $100


Micro “March"

Price range starts at $150~ 2x Upjunior Mains 1x 500Hp Sub Optional Dj Monitor (Jbl eon) $20 Excellent Dj Monitor System when added to larger system Private parties and Small bars